Since 1991 we have been the areas best source of computer products and services.  Give us a try and you will see why!

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“Last week my computer shut down ( hard drive issue result of virus) I called Kaplan Computers. They sent tech out out and found the computer needed to be taken to their repair center. They called to let me status and when machine would be returned. they delivered right on time and the tech was particularly helpful and very knowledgeable. His name was AJ. This is second time they came to my house and i am very satisfied. We purchase 2 computers and accessory”s in past . In my opinion this is place to go.”
Vernon, Ct.

“We purchased a battery for our laptop.the service support was good.they addressed our queries properly and helped us to get the battery which was not available immediately.they called us when the product was available.  I appreciate their prompt response and communication.  I suggest this place for computer and laptop repairs and accessories.”
Manchester, CT

“I told myself 2018 was going to be the year that companies and individuals were going to be held more accountable for their services. This decision has been something I have been wanting to do for some time but never focused on it.  This will hopefully stop someone from dealing with a company to which customer satisfaction is not a priority, keep in mind if it is a positive experience companies will be told as such.
Which brings me to Kaplan computers. I was having issues with my PC and decided to have them take a look at what may be causing the issue I was experiencing. As I was walking to the front door I noticed the gentlemen behind the counter come toward the front door to assist in opening it as I had my hands full. They gave me a nice greeting and showed me where the service area was in the store. I was met by “Crys” which he then explained to process, the billing, and the typical timeline needed. He then took the PC into the back, plugged it in and communicated to me what he was seeing. Of course nothing was 100% positive as it was a quick look, he explained what they would do and would call when they had more information. I was in a bit of a hurry so I called a bit earlier than expected and asked to have it prioritized. They agreed to a small fee and hours later the PC was fixed. Picked it up and works flawlessly. Thanks guys, all communication and service was fantastic.”
Somers, CT

“Purchased a computer for my business about a year and half ago, not long after purchased another of the same. No issues at all. Both used daily and running perfectly. Staff was extremely friendly. Prices were more than fair, everything I needed was right there in stock. Thank you. “
Tolland, CT

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