Rejuvenate Your Windows 8

"I'm getting a new computer"


Install Windows 7-Style Start Menu

Wish your new Windows 8 would look more like your previous versions of Windows?  We can bring back your start menu and make the interface look familiar and easier to use.

Install Windows 7 Aero-Style Transparency

Do you remember the neat transparency features that the last two previous versions of Windows had?

Remember how it made the screen look clean and brighter?

It was removed in Windows 8 because tablets and phones do not have enough horsepower to run it.

Well you’re Windows 8 computer certainly does! Take advantage of that power in the computer you just built and optimize your Windows 8 experience.

We will enable the Aero-style transparency and help make your desktop look like something you want to work on again.

Restore Windows 7-Style File Explorer System

Notice how the Windows 8 file explorer system is confusing and overpowering with all the buttons and options it displays?

We can disable this “new” interface and enable the “classic” file explorer system you are already familiar with, making the information far easier to read and understand quickly.

We will also enable all the desktop icons that are normally disabled in the Windows 8 “Desktop” mode, including the “My Computer” icon you have been using since Windows XP.

Disable Windows 8 “Modern” Internet Explorer

Do you find the default Windows 8 Internet Explorer to be confusing, clunky and just plain ugly?

We can hide away that version of Internet Explorer and bring the one you are more familiar with back!

The top example on the right is the standard Windows 8 IE interface – the bottom example  is what we can change it to.

Disable Swipe/Lock Screen (if desired)

Is your Windows 8 computer always asking you to swipe or login every time you turn it on?

We can disable this and have your computer smoothly boot right into Windows every time!

Enable Boot-to-Desktop (Instead of Tile Screen)

Do you want your computer to boot to the Desktop screen rather than the Tile Screen?

The Tile Screen is optimized for tablets, phones and touch screen computers.  If you are not using any of these then we can make your computer boot directly into the “Desktop Mode” that you are used to!

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