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Trade-in-Trade-upKaplan Computers has been buying your previously used hardware since 1991!

We offer top dollar prices or trade-in credit for your desktops, laptops, Apple computers, tablets & LCD monitors.

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How it works

  • Bring Us Your Used Equipment

    Bring your equipment to our retail location. Items have to be brought into our store to have any value assessed.

  • We Perform a FREE Evaluation

    We will evaluate your desktop, laptop, Apple product or LCD monitor while you wait. These tests can take 15-20 minutes and are done at no cost to you. Sorry but computers older than 7 years, printers, keyboards & mice have no trade-in value.

  • We Present You with BOTH a Trade-In and a Outright Purchase Offer

    Kaplan Computers understands sometimes you just want to sell your items and we will give you our best possible offer based on product and market conditions. We will also offer a higher amount if you are taking credit towards the purchase of something else with us.

  • You Decide!

    It's your choice - you can receive cash/check for your equipment OR get at least 20% more towards the purchase of something else at Kaplan Computers. If you are not ready to purchase today, take advantage of the offer by getting a Gift Certificate instead!

  • Too Old for a Trade-In? Recycle!

    Sadly the PC industry moves very fast and value drops with every newer generation of computers. If your equipment is too old to have any value we offer free recylcing for computers & lcd monitors.


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